Noisy Pipes

Our Plumbers in Cupertino CA can Silence your Noisy Pipes

Our Plumbers in Cupertino CA Can Help Prevent Moldy Drywall Due to Pipe LeaksIf your walls make a racket every time the toilet flushes, or whenever someone turns a faucet off, it's easy to think your house is haunted. You may have learned to ignore it, but your guests and friends haven't, and anyone who has lived with loud pipes knows that it can even knock you out of a sound sleep.

You don't have to live with noisy pipes. Our plumbers in Cupertino CA know that there are four main causes of noisy pipes, and we can help you silence them for good.

Loose Supports

If you live in an older home, you may be the victim of loose or poorly secured pipe supports. If the supports don't hold the pipes tightly, they may swing back and forth and hit floor joists or support beams. Often, a loose support is a sign of another problem with the pressure in the water system.

Loose Valves The Plumbers in Cupertino CA Fix All Leaks

Broken valves are likely to make banging sounds whenever water runs near or through the pipes connected to them. Common loose valves occur in the toilet reservoir and in shower fixtures.

Water Hammers

These are the most common poltergeists of the water system found by our plumbers in Cupertino CA . Cupertino residents find that they occur when a small amount of air enters the system and pressurizes a closed system. In systems that turn on and off repeatedly, the water hammer effect can become quite pronounced. Adding a water hammer suppressor unit to the pipes will eliminate the problem.

High Water Pressure

The Plumbers in Cupertino CA Handle Broken PipesIn some cases, when water pressure is above 60 PSI, the pipes can move much more than usual. When a valve is opened, pressure is released and the piping may knock. When the valve is closed, the pressure rebuilds and causes a second round of knocking.

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